CEU Accredited and Septuplet (7) Certification Seminar

This live training teaches the Harvard based '3 Step Blueprint' to add substantial income in personal injury. It works on auto-pilot and will save you time as you discover;

  • Why you must discontinue the use of the Medicare E&M 99204 level exam and elevate your status to the 1191M-1194M Injury Model Exam. This advantage positions our attendee graduates to totally outperform all competitors and enhance attorney referrals

  • The proprietary ZEUS medical P.I. record system that auto searches and exchanges complex evidence-based data, interfaces and inputs added valuation into a Colossus injury claim commanding increased attorney respect & referrals

  • 2 Fool Proof techniques that increase attorney referrals that are so effective, you have to ramp up to handle the new business relationships

  • The exact marketing/branding template based on Harvard principals our clients use to increase visibility, momentum & overall respect, create TOMA and cause attorneys to shift brands and refer to our seminar graduates over competitors

  • How being certified as an IMV doctor positions you by "authority" to win the "Greater Weight" of the evidence challenges and eliminate the disputes of the insurance companies' IME doctors - [once and for all] - commanding increased referrals.

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